Memorial plaque on the cemetery of Engerhafe

The Association

On the 29th of October 2009 the Engerhafe Concentration Camp Memorial Association was founded. Association members elaborated a concept for a memorial site of Engerhafe concentration camp. The memorial site is dedicated to the slain and the surviving prisoners paying tribute to the victim's dignity they were bereft of in imprisonment. In artistic, scientific and pedagogical ways the memorial site intends to function informatively and is especially supposed to

keep alive the memory of the events of that time for future generations,

be deeply concerned with the events:
- the inhumane actions of the offenders,
- intended or unintended involvement of authorities, the church and the army,
- the helplessness of oppositional contemporaries,

warn that each threat to human dignity harms the own dignity and can everywhere lead to conditions as in Engerhafe at all times,

move and encourage us to resist any violation of human dignity resolutely and to  make sure that human dignity will be preserved.

Constantly the conceptual work is being considered and developed in work groups of the board of trustees.

The work groups are trying to explore the history and the occurrences in the concentration camp of Engerhafe as well as at the building sites of the antitank ditches in Aurich. They are aiming to absorb as much information as possible about the lives of the victims as of the survivors for documentary reasons in order to present their research at the memorial site. Through combining the findings with artistic images the events can also be perceived emotionally.

The work groups are free to join and invite everybody to cooperation. The association is happy about everyone who supports our concerns through membership, donations or active cooperation.

The several work groups are:

  • Conceptual work
    Carl Osterwald, Herbert Müller, Ulrich Kohlhoff

  • Research, accounting for the past and documentation
    Bernhard Kessler

  • Research of the antitank ditches construction in Aurich
    Fritz Lottmann

  • Interviewing contemporary witnesses and documentation
    Carl Osterwald

  • Design of the memorial site
    Herbert Müller

  • Contact to other memorial sites
    Siegfried Jahnssen

  • Organisation of visits and tours
    Margritt Kubik-Harms

  • Contact to schools and youth groups
    Lilo Kessler

  • Preparation and organisation of events
    Prof. Georg Koschnick

  • Internet
    Ulrich Kohlhoff, Helge Reelfs

Memorial plaques on the cemetery of Engerhafe



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