Monument op de begraafplaats Engerhafe

Membership and support

The Engerhafe Concentration Camp Memorial Association is a recognized non-profit organisation. The association is financed by contributions of members, donations and funds. The entire work for the association is done voluntarily and without pay

Become a member

Currently the association has 75 members. Most of them are natural persons but also a few are corporate entities.

Everybody can become a member, who is willing to support the association’s aims that are established in our articles. Active cooperation in one of currently 11 work groups is desirable but not required for membership.

The groups work self-reliantly in flat hierarchy with changing compositions. Under the direction of the board of trustees they are concerned with different projects. According to one’s individual interests and ideas everyone is called upon to join a work group.

We are happy about any kind of support from institutions, companies or other associations


Presently the contribution amounts to 36,- € per year for families and individuals (also corporate entities). It is possible to adjust the amount of contribution according to one’s personal conditions.


Have we aroused your interest? Become a member or help us with our work. Get in touch with us via internet or download the declaration of enrolment.


Declaration of enrolment

Declaration of enrolment for corporate entities


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Through the association’s work, several costs are arising from information leaflets, exhibitions and research for example. As a relatively small association we only dispose of limited financial scale.

For the improvement and extension of opportunities we rely on your support und donations. Also donated items are helping us equally. For any donation you will receive a tax-chargeable donation receipt.

We would like to say: "Thanks for your willingness to donate money."

Donations can be transferred to one of our bank accounts:

Name of the bank: Raiffeisen-Volksbank Fresena
IBAN: DE74 2836 1592 5401 3712 0

Name of the bank: Sparkasse Aurich-Norden
IBAN: DE96 2835 0000 0145 0327 36

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