What is mankind ,
that you are mindful of them?  
                    - Psalm 8:4 -

    Engerhafe and death roll – aquarelle and collage   - Herbert Müller

Engerhafe concentration camp,
Kommando Aurich-Neuengamme

From the 21st of October until the 22nd of December 1944 a satellite camp of Neuengamme’s concentration camp existed in Engerhafe. Nearby the medieval village church approximately 2000 men were imprisoned – mainly for political reasons. They were exploited to dig antitank ditches around Aurich.

Within two months 188 prisoners were tormented to death under cruel conditions: 68 Poles, 47 Dutchmen, 21 Latvians, 17 Frenchmen, 9 Russians, 8 Lithuanians, 5 Germans, 4 Estonians, 3 Belgians, 3 Italians, 1 Spaniard, 1 Czech, 1 Dane.

1952 the dead in the mass graves were exhumed by an allied commission, identified wherever possible and buried anew.

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                          Camp and church – Coal 2000 - Herbert Müller

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Verein Gedenkstätte KZ-Engerhafe e.V. - Kirchwyk 5 - 26624 Engerhafe